Out Damned Spot!!

If you’re a cancer patient you know exactly what this means.  Yes, my latest scans showed that a “spot” in my liver, yes, that’s where my lung cancer took up residence in 2009 and I’ve been battling ever since, has grown some more and needs to be taken out.    Dr. Drilon refers to the procedure as “weeding the garden”.  The Interventional Radiologist didn’t paint quite the same picture.   He said that I would be under general anesthesia undergoing a hot ablation.  He also informed me that it can be quite painful and may require hospitalization.  I need to have someone with me, but it’s hard to plan when you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, or how long I’ll be hospitalized, if I’m hospitalized at all.

Here’s how last week panned out.

Monday – CT Scan and brain MRI

Tuesday – Dr. visit where I was told I needed an ablation.

Wednesday – Neurologist appointment (Neuropathy and Parkinson’s)

Thursday – PET Scan, Blood Biopsy, Interventional Radiologist appt.  Then to LaGuardia to finally get home.  Sat in the plane for 3 hours because something stopped working in the control tower and planes couldn’t land or take off, finally got home at 1 am.

So, that was my week. Fighting cancer can be exhausting.

3 thoughts on “Out Damned Spot!!”

  1. Oh my , rough week .prayers and hugs and keep being strong n kicks it’s butt , throw that spot out n away for good this time. If I can ever help please yell at me. Do you have family or friends to go with you. If not maybe I could. All depends on dates. Just let me know if I can help .Rose


  2. Hi Melissa. I have just found your blog, and am starting a similar journey with Stage 4 nsclc RET. thank you for providing me with an inspirational story as I start this journey.


    1. Hello Rowena. I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this. The good news is that there are two targeted therapy clinical trials available. The one I’m in has been very effective for most of us that are on it. It’s Loxo-292, now known as Selpercatinib. The other trial is BLU 666 (I think) Anyway, I’d be happy to help you navigate this journey if you’d like. You can find me on facebook and/or email: Melissacrouse6005@comcast.net. I also established a page on facebook just for those of us with the RET mutation. It’s called the RET Renegades. I hope to hear from you soon.


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