When It Rains, It Pours

April has been a rough month.  My mother’s dementia progressed at an ever increasing rate and my visits with her went from occasionally, (I am still dealing with fatigue and muscle and joint pain even though I have been on a treatment holiday since July) to once a day, to twice a day.  My daughter and I were with her in her cozy room to hear her last words…..”I’m happy”. “I’m happy”.  Yes, she clearly said that twice after months of intelligible babbling.  After that, she was mainly unresponsive, unable to even take a few sips of water because she lost the ability to swallow.  The wonderful people from Hospice kept her comfortable. My brother and I sat with her the next evening and all I could think about was how she would take us to the ski slopes when school was cancelled even though the roads were hazardous. She peacefully passed away the next morning and I felt relieved because she was finally at peace.  She hadn’t been my mother for quite some time.

Several days before that I flew to Boston to see my doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital to touch base and discuss a new game plan.  (My pesky cancer is acting up again.  It’s such a nuisance.)  Exactly a week later, I was flying to Pittsburgh to bury my mother in the country cemetery on a hill which is located near the family farm.  There, she joined my grandparents, her younger brother and her sister.

Oh, I almost forgot! Earlier this month, I had a suspicious spot removed from my upper arm and sent to pathology.  The nice lady who called with the results sounded genuinely sorry to inform me that it tested positive for melanoma.  (I received this news right after I left my Boston doctor.)  Yep!  Why wouldn’t it be melanoma instead of the more easily removable squamous? Big sigh.  Oh, and there’s a couple broken toes to throw into the mix too.

So, I have a consult with the Melanoma guy at The Melanoma Center of Hope, (what an interesting name), followed by a PET scan the following day which my insurance company will probably balk at since I just had one in February.  On the 27th I will board a plane for the third time this month.  However, this will be a happy trip.  This will be a trip of hope.  This time my daughter and I will be heading to Washington DC where we will meet up with my sister for the HOPE Summit which is sponsored by the wonderful group LUNGevity.

Yes, April has been a very rough month, but it’s ending on a high note!  HOPE Summit, here we come!!!

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